VFW Post 10167
Holiday, FL

Murals @ Ft. McCoy
Submitted by Barbara Bishop


I am a self-taught artist and I believe that my gift is to share.  I have done numerous artistic projects for individuals and local community organizations.  The past three winters, I have been painting murals at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Retirement Home in Fort McCoy, Florida.  It has been a privilege and an honor to give back to our veterans through my artwork.  My husband, Richard, and I are retired and spend our winters in Silver Springs, Florida.  We have lived in Burbank, Ohio for over 39 years. We have two sons and five beautiful grandchildren. 

I specialize in animals and do commission work.  I have painted on slate, deer hides, turtle shells, saw blades, cypress and walls. The murals I have been doing at the Veterans Home are Iraq/Desert Storm, Vietnam Village with US Army Infantry, entrance showing landscape of Florida, insignias of all the service branches and faux brick in the kitchen.  Future plans for the home is the Air Force mural and Navy, plus murals on the new activity room.  Please stop in at the retirement home in Ft. McCoy, the director will give you the grand tour. 



Robert E. Wadding, Sr.

Pfc. Robert E. Wadding, Sr. - My brother "Bob" served in the Army and was stationed in Vietnam from 1969 to 1971. He came home to Ohio and married Diana Terrill and had three wonderful children, Bobby, Michael and Robin. He was 50 years old when he got cancer from being exposed to agent orange. He died at the age of 52 years old and is buried at the National Cemetery in Rittman, Ohio. I painted the "Vietnam Mural" in remembrance of my brother.



Artist - Barbara A. Bishop
Mural painted in the dining room at the VFW Retirement Home in Ft. McCoy, Florida, 2011


"Iraq-Help Coming"
Mural painted in the Marine wing by Barb Bishop at the VFW Home, 2011



Water tank outside the VFW Retirement Home at Ft. McCoy lettered by Richard Bishop 2011


"Vietnam Village"
Mural painted by Barb Bishop and dedicated to Pfc. Robert E. Wadding, Sr. 2011.
This mural of a Vietnam village is in the Army wing at the
VFW Retirem
ent home in Ft. McCoy, Florida and shows the infantry.


"Standing Guard"
Mural at VFW home



Entrance at the VFW Retirement Home in Ft. McCoy, Florida
Mural and lettering done by Barb & Rich Bishop 2009




"Vietnam Infantry"



Barbara Bishop, artist
With one of her commissioned paintings in 2010



"Iraq - Help on its way"
 2011  This is painted in the Marine wing at the VFW Retirement Home



"Home of Heroes"
Entrance at the VFW Retirement Home - Ft. McCoy, FL. (Richard Bishop)
Wall inside home shows the Insignias


Mural painted by Barb Bishop at VFW Home of Iraq/Desert Storm


"Under Cover"



Kitchen mural at VFW by Barb Bishop



Kitchen mural at the home showing Richard who helped paint the faux brick - 2011


This is a replica of the one driven in Iraq



"Sky Help"
Iraq mural at home


Faux brick in kitchen at the Veteran's home


Horse Show cover designed by Barb Bishop 2011


Water Tank showing side when driving in at the home in Ft. McCoy
Lettering done by Richard Bishop



Water Tank showing side when driving out of the home



Richard & Barbara Bishop outside the newly painted entrance of the VFW home in Ft. McCoy, Florida 2009



Marine insignia hand-painted Insigne by Barb Bishop


Army insignia hand-painted by Barb Bishop


"Iraq Mural"
Painted by Barb Bishop 2011 at VFW Retirement Home, Ft. McCoy, FL


Barbara Bishop with dedication plague
Vietnam Mural at VFW Retirement Home, Ft. McCoy, FL
For her brother, Pfc. Robert E. Wadding, Sr. 2011




Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial
National Cemetery in Rittman, Ohio